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A hectic week in Papua

After meeting with GKI TP in Jayapura, the Black Pearl network team and UCA WA Moderator headed west to Nabire where they caught up with BPN manager, Fred Bundah and the BPEC teachers, students and parents. The moderator had the opportunity to meet with local GKI officals and Jan Thorpe presented an award to the most outstanding student.

From Nabire the team travelled to Napan where they visited the class taught by Willie and another award was presented to the student judged to have made the most outstanding effort in his English class. After a whirlwind tour of the Nabire/Napan classes the team flew back to Jayapura to pick up a vehicle for the six hour drive to Sarmi where they visited Rita's classes and presented further student awards. Whilst in Sarmi the team also met with officials of GKI and the regency to discuss administrative arrangements for the Black pearl English Course in the area before travelling onto the Apawer district.

In Apawer, they worked on setting up a trial first-flush water collection system and making arrangements to commence two new English classes as soon as teachers can be recruited for the area. Those team members who had not previously visited Apawer were treated to their amazing traditional welcome ceremony.

The moderator and team members are welcomed to Apawer in traditional style

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