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The Black Pearl Network grew out of an appeal for support and partnership by the Gereja Kristen Injili di Tanah Papua (GKI TP) to the Uniting Church of Australia. The appeal was taken up by the Floreat congregation in 2008 when they sent a small group to visit Papua on an exposure trip in September of that year.

Out of the friendships made and relationships initiated on that visit, the Black Pearl Network grew into a network of concerned people with an interest in Papua and the heart to want to make a difference.

Early projects centred around clean water and sanitation and support for English language education as requested by the Papuan people.

Those efforts developed and were refined into the program run in Papua today under the banner of the Black Pearl Network. 


English language education has become a principal area of action for the BPN in Papua, although many other projects are running concurrently.


Current projects include:

  • English language education

  • Vocational training in Hospitality and Tourism

  • Health surveying and education

  • Simple economical and durable clean water collection systems

  • A cultural exchange program for young adults.

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