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BPEC - Past Staff

Ryon - Teacher

Ryon was born on the island of Biak. She is part of the alumni of the English teaching department, Cenderawasih University, Papua.
In her free time she likes playing the piano, guitar, and ukulele. She likes listening to music and has a wide variety of tastes from the classics of Beethoven and Bach, to reggae (Bob Marley and Jahboy) and even Kenny G.


Ryon really loves children. “They are so adorable, and still pure to be filled with something good” she says. She wants to encourage her students to work hard and pray hard so that they can be great leaders in their own land of Papua.

She sees some of the younger generation (usually around 10-15 years old) sitting together sniffing glue, smoking and drinking. “It makes me so sad to see it” she says. “The Black Pearl Network is the answer for all the questions in my mind about these children. I hope my students can spend their time not killing their own bodies like some poor children do, but to glorify Jesus name”.

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