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In the land of Papua learning English opens numerous doors, whether it be for employment or for a scholarship to study overseas. Back in 2008, when the BPN began, our Papuan partners requested support to enable improvement of English language skills. This began in a number of ways. Firstly scholarships were awarded to highland students studying at the University of Otto and Geisler. Later the APCEP course was developed, followed by the newest exciting development, the Black Pearl English Course (BPEC).

The BPN hopes that the students not only learn to speak english, but are also happy, healthy and successful.


The Black Pearl English Course (BPEC) was established in January 2017 in Sarmi and Nabire. It was not long before additional classes started in Napan, and Waibu Moi, and Sawar. There are currently classes in the pipeline for Sentani and the Apawa district.

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Teachers' Continuing Education


The BPEC aims to offer our students the highest possible standard of English tuition. This means regular continuing education is provided for BPNEC teachers. In July 2018 the BPNEC teachers had their first opportunity. Fred, Rita, Ryon and Yanti the IALF C-CELT course in Jayapura.

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A word from the BPEC staff

Fred - Head teacher and Manager BPEC

My full name is Fred Kees Charles Bundah, and my nickname is Fred. I am from Biak, Papua. I was born in Wamena which is in the highlands. I have a brother and two sisters and I am the oldest in my family. My hobby is playing football and watching movies.
In 2010, I graduated my study at Cendrawasih University, my major was pure Mathematics. I am married and I have a son named Daniel Joshua Bundah.


When I was at the university in 2006 I attended the English course at STIE Ottow Geisler Jayapura sponsored by Uniting Church in Australia. Then, in 2008, we had visitors from Perth (now BPN). To develop my English and keep the relationship I began to involved in the program (the BPN) starting with being a translator.

In 2014, BPN Perth team asked me to work full time in the project in Papua especially for establishing English Course in some Klasises. For me, working for BPN is such a dream comes true. When I was at the high school, I had a strong wish to work with foreigners. I did many things to achieve this and one of these is developing my English skills.
I remember after coming back from Brisbane (First APCEP Program) in 2009, I searched more information to work for Uniting World based in Papua, but I could not find it. However, it did not make me discouraged to have hope.

In 2013, I rebuilt my relationship with BPN Perth, as a result I was selected to work for BPN one year later. I am so proud as I was chosen to be the Program Manager for the Programme run by BPN in Papua.
Taking this responsibility, for me, is the blessing of God for me. I believe that God has led BPN to come to Papua to serve the locals, and as a Papuan it has been my responsibility to support the program to be successful.

Ryon - Teacher

Ryon was born 25 years ago on the island of Biak, in 1993. She is part of the alumni of the English teaching department, Cenderawasih University, Papua.
In her free time she likes playing the piano, guitar, and ukulele. She likes listening to music and has a wide variety of tastes from the classics of Beethoven and Bach, to reggae (Bob Marley and Jahboy) and even Kenny G.

Ryon really loves children. “They are so adorable, and still pure to be filled with something good” she says. She wants to encourage her students to work hard and pray hard so that they can be great leaders in their own land of Papua.

She sees some of the younger generation (usually around 10-15 years old) sitting together sniffing glue, smoking and drinking. “It makes me so sad to see it” she says. “The Black Pearl Network is the answer for all the questions in my mind about these children. I hope my students can spend their time not killing their own bodies like some poor children do, but to glorify Jesus name”.

Rita - Teacher

Rita is 25 years old, and has two brothers Stenly and Havel. Rita comes from Sorong and has worked as a teacher for the BPNEC since completing her Batchelor of English teaching at Cenderawasih University in 2016. She enjoys having the opportunity to teach Papuan students english, especially those students living a long way from the big cities.

Yanti - Teacher

Yanti is 25 years old and loves jogging, reading and watching movies. She has been a teacher for over 3 years and has worked as a teacher for the Black Pearl Network since May 2017. Yanti likes working for the BPN as she is given opportunities to develop her career as a teacher whilst she is helping Papuan students to learn English.

“Papua needs English to take the people to study abroad, to improve their education and build their homeland” says Yanti. “I am blessed to be part of the BPN. I believe we can grow together.” Yanti was teaching alongside Rita in Sarmi, but in August 2018 started up a new BPN centre in her home village of Waibu Moi.

Willy - Teacher

Wehelmus (Willy) is the newest addition to the BPEC staff and teaches in Napan. He is 25 years old comes from the Papuan island of Biak and started working for the BPN in August 2018.
He graduated from the English Language Program at Cenderawasih University in 2017. He has a six-month old daughter called Abigail Sarce Msiren.

Willy joined the BPN team as he is interested in improving education, especially English, for Papuan people. Willy comments “As a Papuan I realised that I must be part of this network to share my knowledge with my brothers and sisters. In addition, the lack of English teachers in remote areas motivated me to accept the position to teach in Napan.”