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Online Pen Pal

If you would like to partner a Papuan English student they would love to correspond with you on-line

English Teachers

Are you a trained teacher with one morning a week to spare between Feb-March 2019? If so, we'd love you to join the staff of our APCEP "school".

Excursion Leaders

Could you organise and lead an  outing for the APCEP students while they are in Perth?

English Tutors

English tutors are required to assist teachers with the APCEP classes.

Do you have special skills that you would be willing to donate?

As a voluntary organisation, the Black Pearl Network is entirely reliant upon donations to fund its activities.


All monies raised go towards the programs of the Black Pearl Network in Papua, West Papua and also those which include educational and development activities for Papuans in Australia.

All donations will be dedicated to the work of the Black Pearl Network. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.


We are always looking for help with writing grant applications, medical support and dental care for students who have no income and come from severely under-resourced communities. If you can help with this or anything else that would assist the Papuan students, please get in touch.