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University of Ottow & Geissler (UOG)

For the first few years of our work with Papua BPN worked closely with The University of Ottow & Geissler (UOG) formerly STIE (Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi- Ottow-Geissler) to assist their English language department.

Teaching resources such as books, DVDs and laptops were sourced in Australia and provided for the use of students and teachers.

University Scholarships


From 2009 to 2013 The Black Pearl Network (BPN) funded selected students at the University of Ottow and Geissler (previously STIE), for their educational expenses such as tuition fees, examination costs and text books in order to allow impoverished students from the Papuan highlands to complete their university education.

Deserving students were selected by the university staff and were supported from the second year of their course until graduation.

In 2019 the Black Pearl Network assisted a group of 40 graduate business and management students from the university with personal, cultural and logistical support during a 10 day visit to Perth.

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