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Well Done Wamena

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

The Black Pearl Network (Australia) and the Black Pearl Network (Papua) jointly run the Black Pearl Education Centres (BPEC). Currently there are twelve BPEC schools in Papua with more opening soon.

One of the schools is in Wamena in the Klasis Baliem Yalimo (a Klasis defines a region). Wamena is in the mountains of West Papua and is a beautiful place with many lakes and

mountains. Robi Babingga is the teacher and classes commenced in July 2020. Classes are held every day after the children have attended school.

BPEC Wamena English Students
Junior High Students from Wamena BPEC School

Almost 150 students attend the classes weekly. The children like kids everywhere love to play football (soccer) dance and sing. Robi has travelled to Perth on an APCEP course and is very grateful to be working for the Black Pearl Network. As Robi says

"I am learning many things here. The curriculum is good. The materials are so good. I could help the students as Papua generation of the future".
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